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A method for depositing a chalcogenide layer in a phase change memory, whereby a chalcogenide layer is deposited by physical vapor deposition in a deposition chamber, having a collimator. The collimator is formed by a holed disk arranged in a deposition area delimited by the chamber walls and the chamber cover. The target is biased by a pulsed voltage to avoid charging and arching. The method is used to manufacture a phase change memory cell, whereby a resistive heater element is formed in a dielectric layer, a mold layer is formed over the dielectric layer; an aperture is formed in the mold layer over the resistive heater element; a chalcogenide layer is conformally deposited in the aperture to define a phase change portion; and a select element is formed in electrical contact with the phase change portion.
Publication date: 
5 Apr 2006

Maria Marangon, Paola Besana, Raimondo Cecchini, Mauro Tresoldi

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