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The electrochemical synthesis of nanowires with wellcontrolled lengths and diameters is the basis of the application of one-dimensional nanostructures in more sophisticated electronic device systems. In particular Metal/Oxide/Metal (MOM) nanowire arrays could represent the building blocks of the new Resistive switching Random Access non-volatile Memories (ReRAM)[1]. The functioning of such memories is based on the switching between high and low conductive states under applied electrical pulses. Whereas the resistive switching behavior of MOM thin films has been widely investigated, a better characterization and understanding of switching phenomena at the nanoscale is still required. In the present study, the electrochemical synthesis and resistive switching characterization of single MOM heterojunctions nanowires (NWs) are addressed. MOM NW arrays were fabricated by electrodeposition of Au/Ni/Au …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
4 Jun 2012

Daniele Perego, Silvia Franz, Massimiliano Bestetti, Stefano Brivio, Grazia Tallarida, Sabina Spiga

Biblio References: 
Issue: 45 Pages: 3294
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