The school, jointly organised by SISM and CNR-IMM, consists of two full weeks of theoretical and practical lessons and it will provide researchers and microscopists a qualified introduction to transmission electron microscopy techniques for materials science. After a basic introduction to the working principles of the instrument, a description of the main structural and analytical applications will be provided. The topics covered include: electron emission, optics and electron diffraction, contrast theory, atomic resolution with coherent (HREM) and incoherent (STEM/HAADF) imaging, electron holography, CBED, EDX and EELS analytical methods.


The school is divided into a theoretical part (14-18 November 2016) and a practical part (6-10 February 2017). It is possible to participate to either the whole course or the theoretical part only (it is not possible to participate to the practical course only).

The practical course will take place at the Electron Microscopy Laboratory of the CNR-IMM Institute, where the students will directly operate on the FEI Tecnai F20T, under teachers supervision, practicing with the techniques exposed during the first week. An overview of some of the available simulation and data processing softwares for transmission electron microscopy will be also provided.


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2016-11-14 to 2016-11-18