A special issue of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220). Impact factor 2.475
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2019

Special Issue Information

Now, and even more in the future, spectroscopy and photonics will be a strong key enabler for many techniques that can be exploited for high-resolution bioimaging and biosensing at cellular, intracellular, and bulk tissue levels. This Special Issue intends to capitalize on the recent progress in advanced spectroscopy, imaging, and sensing for the investigation of biological systems. Biophotonics spectroscopic and imaging approaches are ideally suited for the early detection of diseases and sensing applications including biomarkers detection, quantification, or mapping; cells’ identification and sorting; and to assess response to therapy. The physical principles behind each technique are emphasized on examining the advantages and limitations of each for biomedical applications. Fluorescence microscopy, Raman/SERS imaging, and single molecule microscopy are but a few of the advanced photonic techniques emerging as powerful tools to study the response of biosystems at the level of single cells, or even single molecules, because they are non-invasive, offer high detection sensitivity, and allow functional imaging at micro- or nano-scale resolution. Additionally, a variety of molecular and nanoparticle probes capable of tagging and highlighting the location of biological components that would otherwise be invisible under the microscope have been recently proposed.

To promote the latest advances in exploring spectroscopic/imaging approaches for the identification, understanding, and treatment of diseases, from the cellular/molecular level to macroscopic applications, we invite the submission of original research or review articles to this Special Issue.

Topics of the Special Issue are listed below, but other topics related to bioimaging and biosensing are also welcome. 


  • Advanced microscopy in biomedical imaging and sensing
  • Raman/SERS spectroscopic imaging and sensing
  • Optical sensors for biomarkers
  • Optical fibers and sensors for biomedicine
  • Multimodality optical diagnostic systems
  • Fluorescence and super resolution in biomedical imaging and sensing
  • Nanomaterials for intracellular imaging
  • Nanomaterials for optical sensing
  • Biophotonics