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The research activities are addressed to the design and prototyping of:

1. active (Time-of-Flight, Structured Light, RGB-D) and passive (RGB) vision systems for critical event prediction-detection and behavior analysis through Artificial Intelligence and expert systems paradigms on embedded systems, in the context of AAL and energy management;

2. wearable and portable solutions based on MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Surface Electromyography Probes for people tracking, posture recognition, criticalevent detection (fall detection/prevention) in indoor and outdoor context with embedded computing capabilities;

3. Internet-of-Things compliant multi-sensor systems and objects for context-aware analysis, Human-Machine-Interaction within ubiquitous computing framework in Wireless Sensors Network;

4. hidden technologies based on Ultra-Wide-Band devices for clinical signs long term monitoring  and people localization and tracking in structured environments;

5. in-proximity wireless communication solutions for multi-sensor point-of-care;

6. autonomous methodologies for multi-dimensional, multi-modal signals and images analysis coming the aforementioned technologies for healthcare applications.

Research Topic Term: