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The activity regards characterization and simulation of transport in silicon nanostructures and nanodevices in the form of quantum dots (0D) or nanowires (1D), for extremely low-power electronics.

The 0D systems consist in electrostatically and/or lithographically designed structures or in silicon nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 matrix. The latter type of systems are available through the IONS4SET European project consortium, while the former ones are either produced locally in the laboratory clean room or available via previous and/or running collaborations. The 1D structures are produced within the laboratory clean room by wet processes or via the collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca.

The involved dimensions of the low-dimensional nanostructures allow to address quantum effects like Coulomb oscillations, possibly at high temperature, with potential breakthroughs on the subject. Materials science investigations related to dopants and interface defects in the nanostructures represent a core subject of the activity. The activity includes simulations, mainly based on finite-element methods to guide the design of device structures and to give an interpretation of the experimental characterization.

The innovative content of the activity resides in the fabrication methods and the target of high-temperature operation for devices showing quantum phenomena, with the final goal represented by the production of devices showing extremely low-power consumption, high frequency of operation, increased scalability, and exploitation in new functionalities.

Funded project: H2020 EU project No. 688072 “IONS4SET” (01/02/2016 – 31/01/2020), if you are interested please visit  www.ions4set.eu .

Contacts: prof. M. Fanciulli, Matteo Belli or Marco De Michielis (please, refer to the corresponding pages in "people" menu).